RannSamar took its first baby step in June, 2018, to change the condition of girls and women in the village of Dadura, Uttarpradesh. It has established a center where girls can take-


·       free classes in computer training,


·       learn how to make candles, and


·       learn the art of tailoring


Three children have also been adopted by RannSamar. These children have been provided with education, i.e. their fees and other expenses are borne by the foundation.


Computer Training Centre 


If one has to keep up with the rest of the world, computer learning is very important in the present scenario. The Foundation set up a free computer learning class with this in mind. The first batch of the computer learning class completed successfully with 18 girls getting the opportunity to ace it. Now regular trainings are done to help them to come at par with the girls of their age in urban dwellings.


Candle making Workshops


In candle making workshops the girls are taught the art of candle making. They not only find it informative but lucrative. In the last workshop the girls were not only taught how to make candles and decorate them but are paid for the same. The last time their candles were sold in the market during Diwali season. All of them felt empowered and got the willingness to stand on their own feet.




Earlier there was no avenue for the Dadura Village girls to get tailoring classes. For such training the only option was to travel to other villages but the parents never allowed them. So, RannSamar took the initiative to start tailoring classes. The girls are taught the craft of tailoring as to how to make frocks, underwear, umbrellas, etc.


Medical Camp and Sanitary Vending Machines


It is important that when the girls reach the age of menstruation, that they are made aware as well as educated about the changes in their bodies. It is also vital that they maintain basic hygiene during their periods.


During our conversations with the village girls and women, we realised that during periods the females of the Dadura Village still use cotton cloths. This made us aware about the urgency of conduction of regular medical camps in the village.


So the Foundation conducted a camp wherein females of the village were educated about the harmful effects of using dirty old cloths and that how important is it to use sanitary pads/napkins. RannSamar also installed a Sanitary Vending Machine, so that the females of the women never have to resort to dirty old cloths. As of today, the females of the village have easy access to sanitary pads.


Projects on Way


The Foundation is planning to introduce the following courses for the females of the village-

  • English Speaking Course
  •  Beautician Course
  •  Embroidery (Chikankari) Course


These courses will provide them with knowledge and formal training which will ultimately help them in being independent. This won’t only help them fetch jobs but also create jobs for themselves and for people around them. The objective is to make them entrepreneurs.









Abha Singh, 2/9/2021 12:00:00 AM

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