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A complaint against police injustices or atrocities can be filed in the Police Complaints Authority. The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is a statutory authority constitued under the Maharashtra Police Act to hear grievances against police personnel.

Simple. Go to the local police station and report the details of the offence which has taken place. If the offences disclosed from the information is punishable with 3 years imprisonment or more, then it is a 'cognizable offence'. In such a case, it is compulsory for the police to register FIR.

NC means a non-cognizable crime.Like, Abuse, simple threats, slapping, causing petty damage to property, etc are called NC Complaint. Legally speaking, the Police have no powers to investigate such NC complaints. Such complaints are recorded in the Register called NC Registers at the Police Station. The Complainant is given copy of the NC complaint in a printed format. The Complainant is advised, if he so desires, to approach a court of law for action on his complaint. Even if the Complainant does not approach a Court, his complaint on Police record will be useful as a piece of evidence depending upon the nature of the complaint. If such complaint is against a person who may be neighbor, from same vicinity or adjoining locality and is causing nuisance to the residents and also is likely to disturb the peace in the locality. And there are similar complaints from others too at the same police station. In such event the Police may initiate preventive action popularly called Chapter case against such persons(s) complained against. That person will be required to furnish a bond for keeping peace and good conduct for a specified period of about 6 months or 1 years. If he breaches the conditions of the Bond, he may be made to pay the Bond amount and or will be sent to Jail for up to 7 days.

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